Are you in a cul de sac?



At what point did you lose the vision and energy for your business,
and when did you stop being able to grow your firm? Quite simply,
when you are stressed and exhausted from always being the key
person who drives your business, its direction and your success.
• When sales are down, you take up the slack.
• When workload is heavy, you pitch in.
• When someone leaves the firm, you take on extra duties.
• When a client is unhappy, you dive in to save the day.
Your reaction to unexpected (though usually predictable) events in the business is to double-down on your effort. But this is not the answer. You are often perpetuating the situation and making things worse. And all of this is taking a major toll on your firm, your health and your life. 

There are 3 barriers to scaling up
1. The inability to staff/grow enough leaders
2. The lack of systems and structures
3. Failure to scale up effective and efficient marketing

Overcoming these barriers you must master four fundamentals

Leading people

Setting strategy

Driving execution

Managing cash

You might be stuck because of your past success

Many business owners do not know how to navigate their business past the start-up and early stages, into a predictable, sustainable, profitable firm. They are at a loss at how to develop their team, the systems and processes, the structure, and the habits to ensure that business gets to it’s “optimum success” stage and keep it there.

Therefore they have firms that take up a lot of their life, that do not deliver the profits they would like, and never seem to get to that next level. Many business owners will remain an employee to themselves and a slave to their firm.